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To the Editor:

Re “Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021: Agitator Who Made Talk Radio a Right-Wing Attack Machine” (obituary, front page, Feb. 18):

There was no shortage of jubilation on the internet at the news of Rush Limbaugh’s death. The general tenor seemed to be: Ding dong, the bigot is dead.

I defer to no one in my detestation of Mr. Limbaugh’s rancid views. I deplore his exploitation of the worst and most malignant underside of the American character. That he profited by this daily dispensing of poisonous bile not only by a staggering financial remuneration, but also by being bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is sickening.

But Rush Limbaugh prospered only because a huge number of Americans agreed enthusiastically with everything he said. The bigot might be dead, but bigotry is alive and thriving in America.

David English
Acton, Mass.

To the Editor:

Rush Limbaugh had a place in our history, agree with him or not. Politics is a dialectic; different ideas compete with each other and the people choose which ones they agree with.

Say what you will, but Rush Limbaugh was not only a radio host but also a political philosopher who presented his conservative ideas as cogently as possible to anyone who cared to listen. In that respect he served a valuable part of our political system whether you think he was right or wrong.

Daniel Dziedzic
Rochester Hills, Mich.

When Women Speak About Abuse

To the Editor:

Re “Bronx Shelters’ Boss Rose Despite Claims of Abuse” (front page, Feb. 7):

I understand the importance of safe spaces. I also understand how not having them can affect the trajectory of your life and how girls who lack them are robbed of their confidence, self-worth and vision for the future.

You quote Erica Sklar, one of the women who said they were assaulted or harassed by Victor Rivera, as saying, “He’s got a lot of power over a lot of vulnerable girls.”

Speaking truth to power is never easy. Especially when those truths are uncomfortable, and jeopardize the very roof over your head.

As New York City reviews its homeless shelter operation, I hope that officials listen to those who have expressed suffering and that the stories of these brave women are a catalyst for change for the most vulnerable among us.

Donna Hylton
The writer, after release from prison, founded A Little Piece of Light, a group that helps women re-enter society after incarceration.

To Improve Teenagers’ Eating Habits, Lead by Example

To the Editor:

Re “5 Ways Teens Can Get More Fruits and Vegetables Into Their Diets” (Here to Help, Jan. 30):

In addition to the suggestions listed for getting teenagers to eat more fruits and vegetables, perhaps the most important was missing: Lead by example. Do as I say, not as I do is unlikely to result in the desired effect.

Alice H. Lichtenstein
The writer is a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University.

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