Greggs Rewards is offering free pizza for lucky members from today

Greggs is offering its rewards members the opportunity to grab a free pizza slice from today (27th February) until 26th March.

But you can only claim it once, so we suggest you pick a day when you really need it.

The offer will appear on the accounts of 150,000 Greggs Rewards members and you have the opportunity to redeem the offer for 28 days.

The lucky 150,000 chosen will be based on the products they have brought previously in the weeks leading to this sweet deal.

The reward will allow recipients to choose a free slice of either the Three Cheese Pizza or Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza – our mouths are watering at the thought of it.

If you’ve checked and you’re one of those lucky 150,000 members, you simply need to select the slice of pizza you want and tell the team member at the Greggs shop that they are purchasing it through Greggs Rewards.

Eligible members will then generate a code (9 digit or QR code) through the Greggs smartphone app and scan in shop and the reward will be automatically redeemed.

To find your nearest Greggs, use the store locator .

Greggs Rewards gives customers yummy incentives as well as making shopping in stores quicker and easier without the need to carry your wallet or separate loyalty card – and we all know we have too many of those already.

Some other benefits of being on the Greggs Rewards scheme include complimentary treats on your birthday, prize draws and a free coffee on your eighth purchase.

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If you’re reading this and you’re not a Greggs Rewards member, then where have you been hiding? It’s really simple to join – just download the Greggs app.

The app is available through the app store and Google Play store too.

It’s too late to be in this offer but every month five lucky people win £50 which is another great reason to join.

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