Money Hacks Podcast: Be a hassle-free landlord through Reit investments

Money Hacks Ep 71: Be a hassle-free landlord through Reit investments

11:18 min

Synopsis: In this fortnightly podcast series on Mondays, The Business Times breaks down actionable financial tips.

This episode is aimed at those who are interested in investing in property through  real estate investment trusts (Reits) and Chris Lim hosts Mr Dhruv Arora, founder and chief executive of robo investment advisory Syfe.

He explains some basic starter tips:

1. What is a Reit? How it is a proxy for buying into a property without spending millions of dollars (1:02)

2. Why investing in Reits makes you virtually a hassle-free landlord (2:20)

3. Is it prudent to diversify your Reit portfolio? (3:23)

4. What is the difference between do-it-yourself Reit exchange traded fund (ETF) investing and using Syfe’s new Reit+ portfolio, which can closely replicate the performance of the SGX iEdge S-REIT 20 Index? (6:24)

Produced by: Chris Lim and Ernest Luis

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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