Steve Madden Leverages Multimedia Plus Solution During Pandemic

In a video case study by Multimedia Plus Inc. with Noura Shehabeldin, national training manager at Steve Madden Ltd., the executive shared how the footwear and accessories brand used the technology company’s Incite solution to maintain communication with store associates during the pandemic, which included safety training as stores reopened as well as product presentations and review of the company’s sustainability efforts.

Shehabeldin said after the lockdown period early last year, stores were slowly opened “with a skeleton staff.” She said the brand “went big with Multimedia Plus Incite because we know this was the tool to make sure all of our communications got into the hands of our employees.” Shehabeldin was being literal: The Incite platform operates on mobile devices used by store associates.

Shehabeldin was interviewed by Jodi Harouche, chief creative officer and president of Multimedia Plus, as part of a “Retail Rockstars” series. The training manager at Steve Madden said the brand used Incite to share instructional videos on personal sanitation and other safety tips so store associates could operate stores safely while protecting themselves and others.

“Incite allowed us to track who had completed the training,” Shehabeldin said, adding that the platform “really helped everything get in line — especially as there was a scramble to reopen stores based on [changes] in state restrictions.”

Shehabeldin said the training videos are easily produced by the company at its headquarters using iPhones and ring lights, and training video themes include fashion trends, branding and product merchandising. She noted that the process of creating and uploading content is “fluid and second nature,” and added that Incite “has changed the way we communicate to the field.”

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