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Winter can be a difficult time. As the dark nights draw in, health and fitness enthusiasm and motivation can start to wane.

However, there are little things you can do for yourself every day to boost your wellbeing.

Daisy York and Darcy Lawler are co-founders of functional nutritional therapy clinic Aegle.

Here they share ten pearls of wisdom to help you maintain immune resilience, stabilise energy levels and support your mood.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

‘Not only is breakfast an opportunity to nourish the body and the brain with nutrients, but it also helps anchor our circadian rhythm. Establishing a nutritious breakfast routine can be invaluable for restoring energy, improving cognitive performance and improving sleep quality and quantity.

‘Start by adding a small number of walnuts to breakfast. Walnuts have a unique blend of polyphenols, where to buy cheap inderal next day without prescription healthful fats and vitamin E to protect the brain.

‘Adding berries (fresh or frozen) provides vitamin, minerals and antioxidant polyphenols, which help to “sweep up” free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Blueberries in particular are rich in anthocyanins and are among the most powerful antioxidant of the fruits and vegetables.’

Load up on chia seeds

‘Chia seeds have earned their place among the superfoods on account of their impressive nutrient density. They are a wonderful, plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants and important minerals. In this way, chia seeds can help nourish the brain (which relies heavily on healthful fats), sustain energy levels and support the gut microbiome.

‘Studies have shown chia seeds to exert positive health benefits including lowering blood sugar, LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. One of the best ways to introduce chai seeds is in a mixed berry chia jam.

‘This combines the benefits of chia seeds with the wonderful health benefits associated with eating a colourful diet.’

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