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Dr Hilary offers heatwave advice for babies

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What did Dr Hilary say?

Dr Hilary said the following on the Monday 18th July edition of Good Morning Britain: “Their heat regulation mechanisms don’t work as effectively, so babies need to be kept in the shade at all times at the moment.

“They need extra water if they’re being breastfed probably. They could be tepid sponged just if they do if they have a temperature through infection.”

This has drawn criticism from the likes of health experts such as Lucy Ruddle, an International Board Certified Lactation consultant.

In a statement on Facebook Ruddle said Dr Hilary’s comments were: “Yet another example of why the UK has such low breastfeeding rates” describing his comments as “incorrect and dangerous”.

Ruddle wrote her advice and some corrections on what Dr Hilary had said, cyklokapron dose iv she said: “Exclusively breastfed babies do not need water. Giving them water displaces nutrition and increases the risk of electrolyte problems.

“You should feed them more often. Every time they ask. Even if that’s a lot.”

She added that exclusively breastfed babies “may be given small amounts of water between feeds according to the NHS”.

If the baby is taking solids Ruddle said they should be given milk “responsibly” and that water should be “offered alongside food”.

Meanwhile, the Baby Centre says: “In hot weather your baby is likely to feed more often, for shorter spells.”

It says mothers should let their baby “have plenty of extra feeds”.

On water it cautions: “If you give your baby water instead of nourishing breastmilk, he’ll miss out on essential nutrients.”

The reason for this is breastmilk contains essential nutrients such as:
• Water
• Proteins
• Lipids
• Carbohydrates
• Calcium
• Various vitamins.

This debate comes at a time when UK is experiencing its hottest temperatures on record.

Due to the high temperatures, people have been encouraged to avoid essential travel.

So high have the temperatures been that Luton airport had to stop flights to repair the runway after part of it melted in the heat.

Furthermore, the public has also been warned to avoid the sun and stay hydrated.

Once today has passed temperatures are set to drop more then 10 degrees overnight as the UK passes through its hottest summer on record.

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