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We’re seeing double. Christina Ricci’s 8-month-old daughter Cleopatra looks so much like her mom in this sweet new Instagram post, which was shared by dad Mark Hampton. Cleopatra can be seen eating a rice cracker while experimenting with some adorable dog filters.

“Summers over!!!” Hampton captioned the video. Blink and you’ll be pretty sure you’re catching a glimpse of Wednesday Addams.

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The little one has made several appearances on both Ricci and Hampton’s Instagram, whether she’s lounging on a bed with her doll or hanging with her parents while Ricci gets her hair done. Oh yeah, and then there was that time she threw a truly sassy look to camera. Check out those little tufts of hair!

Fans can’t quite get over how much Cleopatra looks like her mom. “Cleo is your carbon copy. I mean … serious twinning,” one Instagram user wrote. Another added: “That’s Christina Ricci holding Christina Ricci ❤️.”

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Ricci’s first public appearance after giving birth was while doing press on The Ellen Show this past January. She opened up about being pregnant while filming the Showtime series Yellowjackets, can you mix albuterol and pulmicort together noting that it’s pretty tough being a mom-to-be at 41. Ricci gave birth to her son Freddie when she was 34 and it was “no problem.” This time around felt different and it definitely didn’t help that people on-set weren’t aware that she was expecting.

‘I was trying really hard to not show for a really long time, so I intentionally wore lots of jackets and all this stuff. And then, you know, I got tired and hungry and a little vicious cause they wouldn’t give me my food on time and they didn’t know I was pregnant,” Ricci said.

We’re so glad that Ricci is done with that painful pregnancy journey and gets to enjoy life with her mini-me!

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