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Blake Lively is pregnant with her and husband Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child, and their expanding family has been a hot topic while Ryan is making the promotional rounds on behalf of his new movie Spirited.

He was honored at last Thursday’s American Cinematheque Award ceremony in Los Angeles, and the new baby was a top question from the team at ET. Ryan stopped for an interview on the red carpet as he headed inside the event, and he was asked how his oldest three children, James, soma randonneur 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, are gearing up for their sibling’s arrival. “Oh yeah, they’re in. They love it,” he disclosed. 

Inez, James, and Betty aren’t the only ones! Speaking for himself and his wife, Ryan added, “We’re very excited. You’d have to be a moron to do this four times if you didn’t like it.”

Ryan did his red carpet interviews solo, but Blake was there to lovingly introduce him during the show in a speech that made our hearts squeeze. Speaking ahead of Ryan’s being presented with the event’s American Cinematheque Award, she seized the chance to dote on her husband — and, in true Blake Lively fashion, to make a few jokes. She made a tongue-in-cheek request to Hollywood to stop giving Ryan awards, as she’s “running out of precious shelf space for my tchotchkes.”

Blake, more seriously, touched on Ryan’s devotion as a husband and father. She shared about how excited he is to come back to their family, no matter where he’s been or what he’s been up to for work. “Whether it’s from across the globe or a meeting across the street, he is hardwired to get home,” she said. “If he came home from set not in his wardrobe, we would be very concerned. Soaked in mud, fake blood, real blood, prosthetic scars, superhero suits, tap shoes, or clown makeup — daddy always comes home.”

And Ryan showed his commitment to his family through his ensemble at the awards show. His wrist was covered in beaded bracelets made by his girls, including one that was meant to read “Dad” but was accidentally spelled “DVD.” Ryan joked with Access Hollywood, “I think is weirdly a double entendre for my job … twelve years ago.”

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