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Filling a niche: Neural stem cells help maintain their microenvironmentreviews phendimetrazine this result suggests a mechanism to maintain NSCs under hypoxia. Our further study surprisingly showed that NSCs cultured under hypoxia secreted vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) and its amount was sufficient to induce NSC self-renewal. The experiments such as that using a VEGF-A inhibitor suggest that VEGF-A secreted from NSCs under the hypoxia promotes NSC self-renew and contributes to maintenance and expansion of NSCs. Our results suggest that NSCs have adaptive potential to respond to hypoxia to organize self-advantageous niche involving VEGF-A when the vascular system is immature. This study will help to elucidate mechanisms underlying not only NSC maintenance but also vascular formation in the brain at the embryonic stages since VEGF-A is an important factor for vasculature development. Credit: Department of Stem Cell Regulation, TMDU” width=”800″ height=”423″>
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