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How often do you change your underwear?

While we’d hope most of you would say every day, a recent survey has revealed that a concerning number of women fail to do so.

A poll of more than 1,000 women by skincare platform The Derm Review found that 21 percent wear their underwear for 'multiple days'.

The shocking results revealed that one in five don’t change their underwear daily, while one in ten wear the same knickers for three days or more.

The main reasons why many pick their dirty pants out of the laundry basket is to save on time and costs, or environmental reasons – while others simply consider it a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Around 55 percent wear their pants to bed after a full day in them – this was most common with the over 55s.

A staggering 24 percent of respondents said they don’t change their washing after exercising, with the under 25s being the most guilty.

Meanwhile, bras were typically washed after two to three uses, but one in three women wear their bra longer than advised.

According to experts, you should change your underwear every day, and take them off at night because dirty pants are the perfect environment for nasty bugs to thrive.

In response to the survey, vantin prescribing information skincare biochemist Elle Macleman, told The Sun: “It might be tempting to cut down the amount of laundry by wearing the same underwear for more than a day.

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“But the health risks of infections, irritation, abnormal discharge, and skin breakouts should make you think twice before re-wearing your underwear for multiple days.

“Those wearing their underwear to bed are potentially heightening the risk of thrush, vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis.

"While, those not changing and washing their underwear soon after exercising could see a noticeable increase of body odour and the potential for breakouts, or disruption of the vaginal microbiome.”

Infections down below

Thrush is a common yeast infection that can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

The unpleasant sensation can be avoided by wearing cotton underwear and sleeping in loose clothing, as the bacteria thrives in warm, moist conditions.

Another infection that can develop is bacterial vaginosis (BV) which commonly causes a strong, fishy smell.

It occurs after an imbalance of ‘good’ and ‘harmful’ bacteria in the vagina, and can be caused by poor hygiene.

Changing your undies daily can also prevent an unpleasant odour developing – even if you don’t notice it yourself.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by OnBuy found that 22 percent of men do not change their pants every day.

The poll of nearly 2,800 people revealed that re-wearers usually sniff their undies to see if they are too dirty to put back on.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, skincare specialist Dr Nichola Cosgrove, said: “We have naturally occurring bacteria in our genitals that will happily stay at their normal levels as long as we use the correct hygiene products and correctly fitting underwear, wash ourselves after a particularly sweating activity etc.

“Obviously bacteria transfers throughout the day.

“By not changing your underwear every day you will start to have an accumulation of bacteria like Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus and many others that are perfectly normal and useful when they remain at their required levels.

“However because they thrive in a warm and humid environment, they will start to multiply out of control.”

She explained the effects “can be as simple as a bad odour, a rash, excess itching, to full on yeast infections, urinary tract infections and potentially life threatening staph infections”.

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