A third of likely Colorado voters have cast their ballots two weeks before Election Day – The Denver Post

More than 1 million Colorado voters — about a third of those expected to vote — submitted their ballots at least two weeks before Election Day.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office reported receiving 1,102,021 ballots as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. Democrats continue leading in ballot returns — 446,853 ballots came from registered Democrats vs. 264,804 from Republicans. Unaffiliated voters returned 378,967.

The state has more than 4.1 million registered voters, 3.7 million of whom are considered active voters.

Republican polling firm Magellan Strategies estimates a third of Colorado voters have turned in their ballots based on its expectations of higher turnout than in 2016, a record-breaking year.

Democrats’ ballots represent 40.5% of registered Democratic voters, compared with Republicans’ 24% turnout so far, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. More than 34% of registered unaffiliated voters returned their ballots.

“Because Unaffiliated voters are now a plurality of registered voters, it will be interesting to watch and see if and when they catch the Democrats and become a larger voting subgroup than each of the major parties,” Ryan Winger of Magellan Strategies wrote. “This happened in the 2018 General, and is highly likely to happen again this year.”


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