Andrew Neil brilliantly pinpoints absurdity of Tory leadership election ‘Bonkers!’

Tory leadership: Nick Allen warns of ‘drawn out’ contest

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The next Prime Minister will be decided by a vote of the 160,000 Conservative party members. But veteran broadcaster Mr Neil shared some comments from a former Tory minister on social media, pointing out that the party membership is “too small”, noting that it is “just 60,000 ahead of the SNP”. The former minister described the election process as a “faux democratic gesture”, calling for the next Prime Minister to be decided by MPs.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Neil said: “Tory party base in the country is now too small to decide who should be Prime Minister.

“Membership in the mid-1950s was 3m.

“Now it’s 180,000 (if that), just 60,000 ahead of the SNP!!!”

He continued: “Tory leadership should be of the Parliamentary Party, not the party in country, which is run by National Union anyway.

“MPs should be the sole electors.

“They, at least, are cumulatively accountable to a wider electorate than 180,000 – all of 3 parliamentary constituencies.”

He also noted that this system previously elected Jeremy Corbyn, writing: “Talk about Rotten Boroughs!

“This faux democratic gesture gave Labour Corbyn, and now looks likely to give the Tories Truss – with similar consequences!

“Recipe for a bonkers, blue-rinse decision, I’m afraid.”

Britain’s new Prime Minister will be announced on September 5, with voters currently deciding between former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

According to a recent YouGov Poll, Ms Truss is leading her rival Mr Sunak by 62 percent to 38 percent among Conservative party members.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ms Truss declined to take part in an interview with Mr Neil on Channel 4.

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Mr Sunak has agreed to be interviewed by the broadcaster in a special Tory leadership programme, set to be aired on Friday evening.

Channel 4 confirmed that Ms Truss has “so far declined to take part – but the invitation remains open”.

An ally of the Foreign Secretary said she does not intend to take part because her “focus” is on speaking with Tory party members directly.

They told the Telegraph: “I know some members watch Channel 4 news but she wants to get out across the country and get her pitch directly to them.

“Just because Rishi’s doing it doesn’t mean we need to do it as well.

“We may review things.

“But for now it is a no.”

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