BBCQT audience ‘blood boils’ at Campbell’s claims public was lied to over Brexit

A BBC Question Time Brexit special this evening saw Alastair Campbell receive furious criticism from audience members after he took pity on the Clacton crowd for being lied to during the referendum campaign.

Mr Campbell said: “You were lied to I’m afraid, you were lied to”.

“You were told it would be pain-free, you were told it would all be upsides no downsides, you were told getting a deal would be easy, that it would be straightforward to leave, you were told we would get the money on the health service.

“Lots of the things you were told would happen, such as a trade deal with the United States haven’t happened, and lots of the things you were told wouldn’t happen have happened.”

A furious audience member opposed this analysis from the former Labour spin doctor, however, saying Mr Campbell’s argument made her “blood boil”.

“Sorry it just makes my blood boil when I keep hearing that same thing about the fact that we were lied to.

“That’s just not the case, we didn’t believe that, I certainly never believed that.

“I wanted out to be sovereign, to not be encumbered by the EU.”

At this the audience burst into a round of applause.

A second audience member slammed Mr Campbell for trying to frustrate Brexit after the referendum result, and proclaimed that thanks to Covid and the invasion of Ukraine, “we haven’t started Brexit yet”.

The man blasted Mr Campbell’s claim about lies from the Vote Leave team, saying the only lie was the referendum pledge by the establishment itself.

“There was no intention from David Cameron that we were actually going to leave the EU, there was a huge campaign – far bigger than the Leave campaign – government leaflets etc, the media, celebrities, so there was no expectation we were going to leave.

“The result came in – ‘we’re leaving’ – then we had three years of frustration from people like Mr Campbell, most of the MPs on both sides trying to frustrate the process so we had another election three years later in 2019 – a massive vote.

“This is about disconnect from political parties and voters.”

Despite uproar by Remainers on social media about the BBC’s plans to hold a Brexit audience-only edition of Question Time, the episode proved well-tempered.

Fiona Bruce opened the special edition by explaining that while all members of the audience had backed Brexit in 2016, 20 percent of them had now changed their minds, 10 percent were unsure and 70 percent had told the BBC they still backed the decision to leave the EU.

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