Boris holds crunch talks with Biden in late-night crisis phone call before Commons returns

Afghanistan: Women protest against Taliban in Kabul

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The leaders communicated after Mr Johnson revealed plans to welcome up to 25,000 Afghans in danger of the Taliban to Britain. A Downing Street spokesperson said the Prime Minister and US president are co-operating on evacuation efforts.

The spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister spoke to US President Biden this evening about the current situation in Afghanistan.

“The leaders welcomed US and UK cooperation in recent days to help evacuate our nationals, current and former staff, and others from Afghanistan.

“They resolved to continue working closely together on this in the days and weeks ahead to allow as many people as possible to leave the country.”

The Prime Minister and Mr Biden also “agreed on the need for the global community to come together to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.”

During the call, Mr Johnson highlighted the importance of preserving the advances made in the region over the past two decades.

Both leaders will discuss the situation further during a virtual G7 summit due in the next few days.

The spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister outlined UK plans including increased humanitarian aid to the region and resettlement of refugees.

“The Prime Minister stressed the importance of not losing the gains made in Afghanistan over the last twenty years, of protecting ourselves against any emerging threat from terrorism and of continuing to support the people of Afghanistan.

“The Prime Minister and President looked forward to discussing this issue further at a virtual meeting of G7 leaders in the coming days.”

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