Brexit LIVE: This is your last chance! Frost issues EU final ultimatum to sort Article 16

Brexit Britain has ‘grounds for complaint’ against EU says Harwood

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Lord Frost will call on Brussels to remove the role of the European Court of Justice from the Northern Ireland Protocol. The minister will add the role of the ECJ has created a huge imbalance in the way the Protocol operates. Due to the significant issues caused to trade in Northern Ireland, Lord Frost will warn Brussels will make a “historic misjudgment” if it does not address the UK’s concerns in full. 

If the UK’s concerns are addressed, Lord Frost will claim the two sides can progress on a new balance. 

Maros Sefcovic is expected to provide proposals to amend the Northern Ireland protocol on Wednesday. 

The EU has signalled it will allow products such as sausages to enter the province. 

They will be labelled as “national identity products” and the two sides will continue to negotiate over the protocol until next month. 


A Jersey fisherman has lashed out at his French counterparts amid the row over fishing licences. 

Although France has attempted to bully the UK into handing out further licences, the director of Jersey’s Fisherman’s Association accused French fishermen of piracy. 

He told GB News: “You know we won’t have an industry in another five years because the French are just so greedy, they want all our waters.

“They’re going to rob us blind. But we’ve never had more than 70 vessels before and they are trying to get another 140 to 200 boat licences.

“They are going to cry like babies, the French will cry like babies to try and benefit themselves, they’re greedy, they are pirates.”

Brexit negotiator Lord Frost gives Portugal speech demanding changes to NI Protocol

Lord Frost will give a speech this afternoon where he will call for significant changes to be made to the Northern Ireland protocol. 

The Brexit minister will insist the European Court of Justice (ECJ) must be removed from the protocol. 

His counterpart, Maros Sefcovic, will give his own speech on Wednesday, where he will offer some proposals in order to move forward. 

While it is though he will not back down over the role of the ECJ, he will allow the import of British sausages to Northern Ireland. 

Certain products will be labelled as “national identity products” in major climbdown from the EU. 

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