British passport becomes new white and gold dress as internet argues over colour

British citizens have been issued burgundy passports for the last 30 years, but as of next month that's about to change.

As Britain cracks on with Brexit, campaigners demanded the British passport be changed from EU red to it's former deep blue shade.

The government were more than happy to comply and today announced that the first batch of new blue passports would be launching in early March 2020.

A picture of the new passport was shared online and it's causing a bit of debate amongst social media users.

People on Twitter have been left particularly baffled by the travel document's true colour, with some thinking it looks more black than blue.

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Labour MP Jess Phillips shared a snap of the new passport, comparing it to the white and gold dress, which caused controversy online last year as people tried to work out what colour the garment was.

She wrote: "I feel like this is that weird dress all over again because in my memory these passports were black and this is black and everyone keeps saying it's blue."

More than 2,300 people liked her tweet with many people agreeing with her.

One person replied: "Is this the govt trolling us, a bit like the blue dress/pink dress thing a few years back? Maybe you only see blue if you are a true believer. The rest of us see black because we are lacking the Brexit gene."

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"Definitely black," commented another user.

Someone else proclaimed: "I TOO SEE BLACK."

A different user decided to dig out their old passports to see whether the ones from over 30 years ago were blue or black.

He shared a picture of four passports, writing: "My last four passports over 54 years," he wrote. "Three black, one burgundy. I seem to have missed the iconic blue one."

However not everyone agreed and a number of people argued they were obviously blue.

"UK passports were navy blue this is navy blue and unless you are over 100 you’ve never had a black passport," tweeted a different person.

Another said: "I can see from the photo it’s very dark blue. If it were true black, it would be indistinguishable from background but for the gold lettering and white strip."

A third added: "It's very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very dark blue."

Do you think the new British passport looks blue or black? Let us know in the comments below.

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