‘Completely paralysed!’ LibDem MP says Boris Partygate row to ‘run and run and run’

Liberal Democrat MP says Boris’ Partygate to ‘run and run and run’

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Partygate is far from over and will certainly run on in the next few months, LibDem deputy leader Daisy Cooper has warned, claiming the publication of Sue Gray’s report into lockdown-busting events held at Downing Street is only the tip of the iceberg. The political scandal involving Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other senior conservative politicians was revealed in November 2021 by The Mirror and has since seen more lockdown-breaking events. But partygate will keep dragging on, MP Daisy warned, as more investigations are underway. And it could debilitate the Government’s capacity to respond to ongoing crises. 

Speaking on LBC, Ms Cooper lashed out: “The problem is party gate has eroded all trust in the prime minister and his government.

“And it has completely paralysed this government because this has been going on for months and months and months.

“And don’t forget that now there are question marks over how the police conducted their investigation.

“There’s also still the parliamentary inquiry into lying.

“So, partygate is still going to run and run and run.”

Boris Johnson is yet to face a Commons inquiry into whether he lied to Parliament about the Downing Street parties.

“And Boris Johnson could have put this issue to bed a very long time ago by doing the decent thing and resigning”, Ms Cooper added.

When asked whether she thought Sue Gray did a good job, Ms Cooper said: “Well, she did the job that she was given.

“Which is to give a broad-brush account of what went on at Number 10 at that time.

“She wasn’t tasked with doing a police investigation.

“She wasn’t tasked with deciding whether anything was criminal or not.”

“But what she has done is she has looked into broadly speaking what happened then”, Ms Cooper said.

“She’s concluded that there was a complete failure of leadership both at the political level and the official level.

“And what is entirely clear to me and I think probably the whole of the British public, is that any other British prime minister would’ve resigned a very long time ago and certainly would’ve resigned after the Sue Gray report today.”

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Raising the crises that the country is facing right now, Ms Cooper added: “I think part of the problem is we do have huge issues in the county right now.

“We have this cost-of-living emergency.

“We have the war in Ukraine.

“And I think everybody, absolutely everybody wants to be talking about those issues.”

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