Coronavirus: Govt facing legal action unless it admits to acting ‘unlawfully’ over care homes

The daughter of an 88-year-old man who died in a care home is demanding the health secretary retract his claim that “a protective ring” was thrown around care homes or she will take him to court.

Dr Cathy Gardner, whose father Michael Gibson died on 3 April, wants an acknowledgement the treatment of care homes up to and during the pandemic was unlawful.

In particular she wants an admission that guidelines allowing coronavirus patients to be discharged from hospitals into care homes untested was unlawful.

Lawyers representing Dr Gardner have sent a pre-action letter to the Matt Hancock giving him 14 days to respond.

They say if there is not an adequate response they will begin proceedings for judicial review at the High Court.

Dr Gardner said: “The loss of my father was always going to be really difficult but these circumstances have made it even more heartbreaking.

“To think a lady being brought back into the care home with the virus might have contributed to his death is so shocking.”

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