Eco-mob sends Starmer ‘ransom letter’ ordering him to resign if demands not met

Furious motorists clash with Just Stop Oil activists in Vauxhall

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has received a “ransom letter” from Just Stop Oil telling him he will have to resign as Prime Minister if he goes back on commitments not to issue new licences for new oil and gas supplies in the UK.

The letter delivered today to Sir Keir follows revelations that Labour is being bankrolled by Just Stop Oil’s financial backer Dale Vince and has just appointed Extinction Rebellion’s legal strategist Tobias Garnett as a senior member of the leader’s staff.

Conservative Party chairman Greg Hands said: “Sharing common donors has now led Just Stop Oil to send ransom letters to weak Sir Keir Starmer.”

In the letter, the eco-mob, who have been tyrannising people up and down the country by blocking roads and vandalising buildings, said: “We welcome the Labour Party’s stand of refusing to put the interests of the fossil fuel criminal elite and its tabloid media ahead of the lives of the British people – committing to stop the suicidal madness of drilling for more oil and gas is the right thing to do.”

But in a direct threat, it added: “Therefore, we call on you, Mr Starmer, to make a public statement that you will resign if the policy of no new oil and gas consents and licences – including the cancellation of the ruinous Rosebank project – is not enacted within six months of winning the next election.”

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