End of the EU! Richard Tice names the three EU states he predicts will leave bloc

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The former MEP insisted the EU is terrified Brexit will be a success. Mr Tice highlighted Italy, Ireland and Poland as other possible countries that could follow the UK but added there could be “some surprises”.

The businessman said: “The EU has always been worried about us making a success of Brexit.

“We will make a success of Brexit, I have no doubt about that.

“In a sense the tragedy of Covid highlights the vital advantage of Brexit in that being an independent nation we can make our own decisions to suit our own needs.

“There’s no question that the EU has been caught woefully inadequate in their response to the crisis.

“So yes I think that the prospect when other nations over the next couple of years see the UK surviving and hopefully thriving then yes I think other nations could well look at us and Italy is a serious case in point.

“I think Italy is the obvious one but there could well be some surprises.

“Some of the East European states, Poland is an interesting example, don’t write off Ireland.”

Mr Tice added that there is a higher chance of other nations leaving Brussels or the eurozone collapsing than Britain holding another referendum and rejoining the EU.

The Brexit Party chairman said: “I think once this is done, frankly it’s done and I really don’t think there is, apart from a very small group of diehards, any momentum to take on this issue again.

“Pretty clear from Keir Starmer that he views it as basically a battle fought and lost and you’ve got to move on.

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“He knows the Labour Party completely misjudged the views of their traditional, socially conservative, heartland Labour voters, they got it very badly wrong.

“I really don’t think that’s likely at all over the next decade.

“There’s a greater chance of other countries leaving, there’s a greater chance of the eurozone breaking up frankly.”

It comes after arch-Remainer Anne Soubry insisted the UK will be back in the EU in just 10 years.

Brexit formally took place on January 31 and the UK is in a transition period with the EU until the end of the year.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier travelled to London this week for “informal” discussions with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Europe adviser David Frost as the two sides attempt to thrash out a post-Brexit deal.

But Mr Barnier said “significant divergences remain” between Britain and the EU.

Mr Frost will head to Brussels next week for further discussions before formal negotiations resume in London.

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