‘EU becoming irrelevant!’ Britons react as Boris Johnson plans bonfire of EU red tape

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This week, ministers are set to announce how they will use new post-Brexit powers to axe certain EU regulations and “seize the opportunities” created by Britain’s departure from the EU. A draft consultation will set out proposals for a “one-in-two-out” approach on Brexit red tape.

A UK Government source told Express.co.uk: “Now is the right time to modernise our approach to regulation, as we recover from Covid and seize the opportunities of being an independent nation.

“The last thing we want is for red tape to hold our businesses back from new opportunities so we’re looking at ambitious reforms which mean we can free ourselves from unnecessary EU laws, and meet the Prime Minister’s bold ambitions and ensure that the UK is at the forefront of global innovation.”

Now Britons have celebrated the removal of the EU “stench” from Britain’s rules and regulations.

Commenting on the initial Express.co.uk story, one reader said: “At last, we are going to start to remove the foul stench of the EU from our rules and regulations.

“Next we need to tear up all the agreements and treaties.”

Another person said: “He needs to implement WTO and do a complete withdrawal from the EU dictatorship now!”

A third Express.co.uk reader commented: “With every week that passes, the UK finds more partners to trade with.

“With every week, the EU becomes more irrelevant.”

Someone else said: “Absolutely fantastic Boris well done, keep up the good work and use the powers that Westminster has now since we left the EU.

“People should never underestimate Westminster because we are the most powerful country in the world since we have taken over sovereignty and laws and powers back.

“High five Boris! You make us Brexiteers proud to be a Briton now.”

A fifth commented: “Boris the Great is freeing up the UK to prosper for many years to come.

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“From early Vax to relaxing punitive laws, creation of Freeports and leaving the EU shackles on the floor.

“The UK is in its renaissance and by God, it feels good.

“CPTPP membership with the USA rejoining will largely be job done.

“We can almost see the sunny uplands.”

The strategy is understood to have been approved by Boris Johnson’s Committee on Better Regulation and also suggests methods to ensure regulations are beneficial and not burdensome for UK businesses.

This would be achieved by ensuring a ”swift and rigorous” review of new rules and regulations, replacing the current rule on reviewing regulations five years after they are introduced.

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