Farage rips into Joe Biden in stark warning over ‘disastrous’ President

Nigel Farage says Joe Biden ‘not fit to lead free world’

Nigel Farage ripped into Joe Biden over his “disastrous” and “weak” performance in Israel today.

The GB News presenter highlighted one moment where the US President used the “most extraordinary, clumsy, poor use of words”, and another where he “completely and utterly loses his way”.

He raised fears of a wider conflict in the Middle East after Hamas launched its terror attacks on Israel earlier this month.

And in a stark warning, he said the world is a “much more dangerous place” without strong leadership in the West, adding that Mr Biden was not up to the job.

Speaking on his GB News show tonight, Mr Farage said: “Frankly his performance says something to me.”

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader added: “It says the reason that Putin has gone into Ukraine, it says the reason why Hamas did what they did on October 7.

“If the Western world doesn’t have strong leadership, the world is in my view a much more dangerous place.”

Mr Farage played a clip of Mr Biden calling Hamas “the other team” as he talks to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about a devastating attack on a Gaza City hospital yesterday.

The GB News host said: “The other team? What is this, baseball? Does Biden see moral equivalence between what the Israelis are doing and what Hamas has done on and since October 7?

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“It was the most extraordinary, clumsy, poor use of words. What you should have said President is the other murdering terrorists did it. But no, that’s not what he did.”

Mr Farage then played a second clip where Mr Biden began to tell a story at a press conference with Mr Netanyahu before cutting it short.

Mr Farage said the US leader “just completely and utterly loses his way”.

He added: “All over the place, lost his thread, disastrous, weak and that I think is why the world is in as bad a place right now as it is.

“Is Biden fit to lead the free world? I don’t think he is, I think he’s causing many of these problems.”

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