GB News: Academic warns Royal Family’s ‘days are done’ – ‘Need to give it up’

Brit erupts at Royal Family calling on them 'to go'

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Dr Lisa McKenzie told host Mark Dolan that she watched the Royal Family “in the same way” as Eastenders or Coronation Street when asked about public interest in Prince Harry’s comments. The anarchist and Research Fellow at The University of Durham argued that “once the Queen goes” that “will be the end” for the Royal Family, adding that “it really is over” and “we just need to give it up”.

She said: “You know what, I’m not a royalist at all. So you know I watch the Royal Family with mild amusement in the same way that I watch Eastenders or Coronation Street.

“I’ll be honest I think William, Harry, Charles – I think their days are done. I think they perhaps know that as well.

“Once the Queen goes, when she passes on the mantle to the next generation. I think that will be the end of the Royal Family, to be honest.

“I think all this icing on the cake and this sort of squabbling, royal dramas. I think it’s just telling us that it really is over.

“I think we need to give it up actually.”

When asked by Mark Dolan, political commentator Benedict Spence argued that the public “absolutely love” the coverage of Prince Harry as it “sells papers”.

He said: “On the contrary I think they absolutely love it.

“It sells newspapers, I think we all love to have a little sort of an anti-hero who we can have a pop at. 

“It helps that Prince Harry was once the darling of the British public.

“Much in the way that a professional wrestler can be a baby face and then turn on a dime. I think that’s the role he plays.

“I think he is a character we love to hate and so is his wife. But don’t rule out the possibility that he might be able to stage some sort of comeback later on.

“Personally I disapprove of the celebration of the Royal Family. 

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“I think there was once some dignity in the office, or at the very least there should be some dignity in the office. Otherwise there’s not much point in keeping the institution.

“I think that it’s very unedifying, it’s very unpleasant that a lot of this is playing out in Her Majesty’s twilight years.

“Let’s not make any bones about that, she’s a very elderly lady and won’t be much longer for this world.

“It’s not very nice therefore to see and I’d like to see a little bit less of it.

“But it’ll keep being put into the public sphere for as long as the public are prepared to consume it and that’s what I have to take from this. I actually think people enjoy watching this drama from afar.”

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