GB News host in stinging swipe at Remainers over doom forecasts ‘Brexit can’t fail!’

Brexit 'can't fail' says GB News presenter Mark Dolan

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The GB News presenter insisted “Brexit can’t fail” despite Remain campaigners’ ongoing attempts to link Britain’s economic and logistical struggles to the UK’s departure from the European Union. Mark Dolan argued the independence London secured with Brexit will grant the country more freedom compared to EU members states such as Poland. Mr Dolan said: “Remain voices in the years and decades to come will ultimately be eating their words.

“I doubt they’ll say sorry though. It’s not that Brexit can’t succeed, it’s that it can’t fail no matter how many would love to see that happen.

“And there are plenty of those. A country with control of its laws, its trade policy, its currency, and its borders is inevitably stronger than one trapped into a political union.

“Ask Poland, who are in a battle with Brussels over the supremacy of their laws.

“Ask the Irish who, following a change in the rules in Brussels, can no longer be a low-tax heaven attracting the likes of Apple to their shores.”

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The GB News presenter continued: “Ask the Italians whose economy is hamstrung by a strong euro which impacts their trade exports and has done for years.

“They desperately need to devalue and could if they were out.

“Of course, Brexit wasn’t only economic, it was cultural and political too.

“It was a resurrection of Britain as an independent, sovereign state where political accountability is to be found in Westminster rather than in Brussels.”

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Mr Dolan’s comments come after the chairman of the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR), Richard Hughes, said the fiscal watchdog had assumed leaving the EU would “reduce our long-run GDP by around 4 percent”.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Hughes continued: “We think that the effect of the pandemic will reduce that (GDP) output by a further 2 percent.”

“In the long term it is the case that Brexit has a bigger impact than the pandemic.”

Mr Hughes’s comments came hours after the OBR responded to Rishi Sunak’s latest Budget by saying it expected inflation to reach 4.4 percent while warning it could hit “the highest rate seen in the UK for three decades”.

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The Prime Minister’s official spokesman told reporters: “I think this is a Budget settlement that sets out the agility, flexibility, and freedom that has been provided by Brexit, and how valuable that is in a global 21st-century economy.

“There were a number of approaches and announcements linked to that yesterday, things like APD (air passenger duty) and alcohol tax, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if we remained in the European Union.

“Our view is that having that ability to act unilaterally in this area is hugely beneficial.”

It came as Downing Street vowed to retaliate against France if Paris goes ahead with a “disappointing and disproportionate” threat to impose sanctions in an escalation of a row over fishing boats.

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