‘Have you let people of Scotland down?’ BBC’s Andrew Marr shames Sturgeon on Covid deaths

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The BBC’s Andrew Marr stunned Nicola Sturgeon with damning Covid death statistics that showed the Scottish death far worse than the rate seen in England. Mr Marr brought up the statistics after Ms Sturgeon claimed that Scotland has “a lower death rate than England and Wales”. He questioned whether the SNP leader had “let the people of Scotland down”. 

The BBC host said: “You have talked a lot of the low prevalence of coronavirus in Scotland compared to other countries.

“But when you look at the data, isn’t the truth that Scotland had the third-worst record of any country in Europe in the first wave?” 

Ms Sturgeon responded: “The number of deaths in Scotland is far too high. You won’t hear me say anything different.

“I don’t think it should be seen as a competition, but since you’ve asked me, we have a lower death rate than England and Wales.” 

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She added: “We have a lower prevalence of the virus than the other nations in the UK.

“We are still in the teeth of this pandemic so it’s premature for any country to be declaring victory or assessing performance.”

Mr Marr hit back: “You say that but the data doesn’t back you up. 

“If you look at the last four weeks in terms of death rates from Covid, and we have looked at the statistics from the ONS and the National Records of Scotland.

“The Scottish death rate is considerably worse than the English death rate week after week after week.

“Week 43, England had 16 per million, and Scotland had 19 deaths per million. Week 44 saw 22 deaths per million in England, it was 30 in Scotland.”

He added: “So you have actually done worse than England over the last second wave. Have you let people of Scotland down?”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “That’s for the people of Scotland to judge. I’m working as hard as I can.

“You’re asking me to defend a certain level fo deaths but I don’t think there is any level of deaths that is acceptable

“However, cumulatively, since the start of the pandemic, Scotland’s death toll is significantly lower than Englands and Wales.” 


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