‘He lied to everybody’ Uxbridge constituents rage against Boris Johnson after police fine

Boris Johnson: Uxbridge constituents react to partygate fines

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Members of Boris Johnson’s constituency have attacked the Prime Minister for his betrayal of lockdown laws. Constituents called the Prime Minister’s actions “wrong” and demanded he resign from his leadership position. Residents highlighted “mental health” suffered in their area and called for Boris Johnson to “own up” to the shame of his law-breaking actions. The Prime Minister has been acting MP for the Tory stronghold since 2015 but now constituents say he has betrayed their trust and “let a lot of people down.”

Residents of the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency have denounced the lockdown breaches of their MP Boris Johnson and claimed he must “pay” for breaking his own laws.

One man, an employee of a care home, explained he was forced to witness the devastating “effects on family members” caused by harsh lockdown restrictions.

He explained constituents were furious that politicians in Downing Street “were partying,” while the rest of the nation was confined to their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

GB News reporter Alice Porter described the attitude of Uxbridge and South Ruislip as “firmly against the Prime Minister.”

A woman interviewed in Uxbridge condemned the actions of Tory ministers as “really unfair”.

She explained the fixed penalty notice issued to the Prime Minister proved the leader has “a real lack of respect” for the constituency he represents and the wider population of the UK.

Residents slammed the arrogance of the Prime Minister to act outside of covid guidelines and argued he should be punished the “same as anybody else.”

One constituent said, “if he’s going to set the rules then he’s going to have to stick to the rules.”

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Constituents highlighted how “mental health is suffering” in the area as the politicians that represent the region continue “doing their own thing” by violating the very laws they put in place. 

“He’s let a lot of people down,” said one disappointed resident.

He explained the Prime Minister has “lied to everybody” as Boris Johnson repeatedly claimed he did not break covid restrictions during the pandemic.

“He’s done what he liked and people have suffered,” he continued.

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The Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency has been a “very safe Tory seat” having consistently elected a Conservative MP for political representation.

Amid the ‘partygate’ revelations, constituents now claim they “can’t accept” the law-breaking actions of their MP and have demanded the Prime Minister announce his resignation.

Following an investigation by Met Police, the Prime Minister was issued with a fixed penalty notice for breaching lockdown restrictions as part of his birthday gathering held in Downing Street on 19th June 2020.

In a statement since released, Boris Johnson declared “it did not occur to me that this might have been a breach of the rules.” 

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