John Bercow accused of ‘damaging’ Labour Party as ex-Speaker ‘not doing them any favours’

Bercow not doing ’any favours’ for Labour Party says Nawaz

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LBC host Maajid Nawaz insisted that John Bercow joining the Labour Party was not necessarily a good thing. While speaking on his show, he said that the former House Speaker aligning with the party would not do them any favours. He also highlighted why he believes Mr Bercow is choosing to join the Labour Party now.

He insisted Brexit still remained a key reason rather than any realisation regarding left-wing views.

Mr Nawaz said: “This won’t do the Labour Party any favours on the grassroots.

“As welcome as this would be by the Blairite wing of the party, demonstrating that they’re the grown-ups in the room because they can attract Conservative MPs.

“As damaging as it is, for their reputation towards the rank and file and the other wing of the party.

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“Who would look to this and say, this only proves the idea that you are woefully out of touch.

“That you think you it is a good thing for the party that a Conservative MP feels comfortable joining you.

“Not because he has had a road to Damascus moment and therefore has realised that suddenly he wants to become a left-wing advocate of social justice, that is not what has happened to Bercow.”

Mr Nawaz argued why he felt the Former House Speaker felt comfortable aligned with the Labour Party now.

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He said: “Bercow, essentially, if you want to understand it on a deeper level, feels comfortable because of the Remain vote that he championed.

“He feels more comfortable joining Labour than the Tories.

“But this won’t do the Labour Party any favours on the grassroots.”

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Mr Bercow has faced a considerable backlash for his decision to defect to the Labour Party. 

Some commentators have argued that Mr Bercow’s disdain for Brexit resulted in him missing out on a peerage, an honour regularly given to House Speaker’s when they step down from the position.

Political commentator Darren Grimes argued Mr Bercow was defecting to the Labour Party in order to get a peerage. 

Mr Grimes said: “John Bercow, so desperate for a peerage, defects to the Labour Party, as if the electorate can’t see through such desperate acts.

“How pathetic.”

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