‘Joke’ of an Irish PM savaged after claiming Brexiteers are ‘undermining’ EU deal

Michael Martin clashes with Andrew Marr over Article 16 row

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The attack came after Mr Martin launched a scathing rant on former Brexit Minister Lord David Frost for undermining the Brexit negotiations. Mr Martin used his speech at Queen’s University in Belfast to blame the former Minister for “narrowing the scope of unionist leaders” in the North, hence leading to a “missed opportunity.”

Reacting to the Taoiseach’s claims, Express.co.uk readers hit back with some open and frank statements of their own.

Tiddy-doll said: “Sounds like Mr Martin is starting to panic, he sees the writing on the wall with the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Good Friday Agreement!

“Both fatally damaged by the EU punishment agenda!”

Speaking of how Brexit was the best thing for Britain, SanjayP said: “The decision to leave the EU was the best made by the voters.

“What we see daily is the weeping and wailing of the remoaners who cannot contain themselves nor accept democracy.”

Reminding the Taoiseach the UK was no longer part of the EU, Home of the Righteous said: “Top of the morning to you.

“Hey, did you know the UK left the EU a long time back, that it’s a done deal?

“Just thought I’d issue my daily reminder to those still in denial.”

Speaking of the misery of living in the EU under the current cost of living crisis affecting the whole of Europe, RafBet said: “I live in Northern Ireland, my good friend lives just across the border in the Republic.

“You think it’s expensive in Brexit Britain? Try living in EU Ireland.

“The prices are atrocious.

“Who’s the joke? Not the UK”

Suggesting the EU was the main party to blame for the hated NI Protocol Deal, Pythagoras said: “The EU undermined the withdrawal negotiations by refusing to negotiate the framework of the future relationship first as required by article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

“The EU destroyed the Withdrawal Agreement 5 weeks after they signed it by placing new preconditions on meeting their obligations under the agreement.

“It’s been voidable ever since.”

Figaro99 backed this up by saying: “Yes exactly, Article 16 is the result of the EU idiots actions.”

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Protecting the work of Lord Frost, he added: “EU supporters tremble and quiver just at the mention of his name.

“They’re right to be terrified of him, Frost is now in an even better position to stop the EU from continuing to breach the agreement.”

The blame was also put on the Irish themselves by QuiteEasyReally who said: “The usual schizoid flipping by the Irish.

“They are the source of most of the problems the UK still has with the EU.

“Only A16 and unilaterally scrapping the NIP entirely will stop the phoney Dublin sabre-rattling and the irrational abuse directed at the English.”

Who is to blame for the stalemate over the Northern Ireland Protocol? Should Article 16 be triggered? Should Ireland be reunited? Let us know what you think of these points by joining the discussion in our comments section below, just CLICK HERE to have your say – Every Voice Matters!

This was backed up by JL77 who noted: “We support and have always supported Lord Frost.

“ROI caused this now they will pay the price too.

“So arrogant to think you could force us to change our minds well we have not and will not.

“You caused it you own it.”

Ending the debate, one reader claimed Ireland was responsible for becoming the mouthpiece of the EU.

POBExpress said: “The Irish ROI is quickly becoming the yapping small dog for the EU in a big dog world. Enough!”

Negotiations between the EU and the UK remain in a stalemate over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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