Keir Starmer forced into HUGE U-turn – Labour leader hints he’ll quit even if NOT fined

John McDonnell comments on Starmer's 'resignation' vow

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Boris Johnson has already been issued with a fixed-penalty notice (FPN) for breaking lockdown rules in Downing Street, for which he has apologised.

Sir Keir said in a statement on May 9: “If the police decide to issue me with a FPN, I would of course do the right thing and step down.”

At the time, critics suggested the Labour leader had not gone far enough, by pledging to resign only if he was fined, not it had breached rules but was not issued with an FPN. The Guardian labelled this a “loophole”.

But he has now gone further with his pledge, insisting: “In the event I’m wrong, and that the police say I have done something wrong, then I will step down.”

Sir Keir, quoted in a post on Twitter by Rachel Wearmouth from the Mirror, said: “My instinct as soon as I knew that Durham had decided they were going to reopen this investigation, in my heart I knew what I was going to say, which is, if I’m wrong, and they find I have broken the law, then I’ll do the right thing and step down.

“I came into politics late in life having done other things.

“I came in to make a difference and I want to show that we’re not all the same and that, in the event I’m wrong and that the police say I have done something wrong, then I will step down.”

He described this as the “honourable thing”.

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