Labour to make Corbyn’s son MP to stop his father from standing as independent

Labour MPs want Jeremy Corbyn’s son Seb to become the party’s candidate in his father’s North Islington constituency.

They believe this would remove any danger of the former leader standing as an independent in the seat, as well as placating angry local party activists.

Seb Corbyn, 31, has experience of life at Westminster having served as chief of staff to former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Colleagues who worked with him say he is less left-wing than his firebrand father.

A Labour source said: “Appointing Jeremy’s son as our candidate would make sure he doesn’t stand. It would also make party members in the seat a bit happier.”

Another insider said: “We think we’d win even if Jeremy stood [against his son], but he does still have supporters and they would all descend on North Islington.

“Campaigning for an independent candidate against the official Labour candidate is automatic grounds for expulsion, but these people have left the party now anyway.”

Mr Corbyn has represented the North London constituency since 1983, But his successor as leader, Sir Keir Starmer, announced in March he will be barred from representing Labour at the next election.

Members of the constituency party backed the 74-year-old earlier this month by passing a motion insisting it was their “democratic right to select our MP”.

And Mr Corbyn has not ruled out standing as an independent. It could mean Labour faces an election battle to retain the seat.

But MPs believe the former leader would step aside if his son was offered the opportunity to become the official candidate.

Labour moderates are also confident the Socialist Campaign Group of left-wing MPs would refuse to back Jeremy Corbyn.

One said: “There are a lot of younger members of the Campaign Group and they are pretty ambitious. They want to be ministers.

“They aren’t going to do anything that risks losing the whip or being expelled. If anything they’ll be glad to see the back of the old white men like Jeremy.”

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