Labour’s John McDonnell backs strike action to ‘force’ Tories to increase wages

Labour: Caller says someone must 'unite the party'

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Footage online shows Mr McDonnell holding a megaphone and demanding higher wages for teachers. The former Shadow Chancellor also stressed the importance of teaching in order to achieve a highly skilled workforce.

The Labour MP said: “What I find nauseating is listening to politician after politician saying how much we grow our economy on the basis of high skills, and it will then follow in high wages.

“Have you heard this somewhere before in the last 24 hours?

“Well, the early way people get the high skills is by the way you deliver the education to them that gives them that opportunity.

“I think it is time now that people recognise that and if it takes industrial action to force the Government and management to recognise that then so be it.

“You have my 100 percent solidarity.”

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