Liverpool bombing sparks fears of ‘concerted number of terror attacks’ in Christmas run-up

Liverpool: Merseyside Police give statement after taxi explosion

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Counter-terrorism expert Chris Phillips grew “concerned” following the attempted Liverpool terror attack as he noted several high-profile attacks have happened in France and the UK in the lead up to Christmas. Mr Phillips referred to the murder of MP David Amess and a knife attack in Cannes which left a police officer injured in what he believes could be the beginning of a wave of further attacks. Mr Phillips delivered his stark assessment where he believes there will be a “concerted number of terror attacks” as the country heads towards the festive period.

Speaking on Times Radio, Mr Phillips discussed the Liverpool bomb explosion with host Matt Chorley who wanted to know whether there was any failure by counterterrorism departments.

Mr Chorley asked: “Other cases are stopped in their tracks if you like but the fact that this got to the point of a bomb going off.

“Albeit without causing widespread carnage, that is a failure over policing or counterterrorism somewhere along the line?”

Mr Phillips replied: “Well, you have to look at policing and counterterrorism policing in particular.

“Success is when nothing happens, failure is when something happens.

“So yes, to some extent, you can say that but let’s be realistic we’re giving the police and security services an impossible job to do.

“There are 40,000 odd people out there that are of concern and many being released from prison who are serious terrorists as well.

“So we can’t expect the police to stop all of these.

Liverpool: CCTV captures moment taxi explodes at hospital

“What concerns me actually is that this is, you know, we had an attack where an MP was murdered a couple of weeks ago.

“We’ve had attacks across France, you know, police officers and others being stabbed.

“I’ve got a real concern that we’re now looking towards a concerted number of terrorist attacks on the run-up to Christmas and maybe afterwards.”

A suicide bomber was stopped from carrying out an attack in Liverpool after a taxi driver locked him inside his car.

CCTV footage showed the car exploding with smoke billowing out of the vehicle.

Three men have been arrested under the Terrorism Act with the taxi driver who locked the man in his car, named David Parry, being discharged from hospital.

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Mr Perry stopped his taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital and locked his passenger inside when he noticed he was wearing “a device”.

Mr Perry fled from the scene with the car then exploding and the passenger being the only fatality.

The passenger has yet to be formally identified with the events now called a terror incident.

Several weeks ago, MP David Amess was stabbed during a constituency open meeting in another terror incident.

Ali Harbi Ali was arrested and charged with the Southend murder and preparing acts of terrorism.

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