Liz Truss was ‘treated unfairly’ over the ‘right policies’

Liz Truss makes her final speech outside Downing Street

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Liz Truss was “treated unfairly” over the decisions she made on the policies of cutting tax, claimed one of her close allies on GB News last night. Former Environment Minister Ranil Jayawardena spoke to GB news’ host Dan Wootton about Truss’ economic reforms and her future political career.

Ms Truss, 47, was elected to the post of Prime Minister after Boris Johnson’s resignation.

The 45-day stint of Ms Truss came at a time when the UK’s economy was at its worst, struggling to survive the economic turbulence.

The show’s host Mr Wootton asked the former Cabinet Minister if Ms Truss was “treated unfairly”?

Mr Jayawardena said: “Yes, I think Liz’ policies were right. Ultimately, everyone draws their conclusions as to how they were executed in a wide context in which they found themselves.

“But ultimately the policy of cutting, letting people keep more of their own money and making sure we’re going for growth in every corner of our United Kingdom, those are the right policies.

“And I know many people in the Conservative party, since the time of Margaret Thatcher, agrees with this.”

Ms Truss modelled herself on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The mini-budget announced by Ms Truss was the most radical in recent history in which taxes were slashed, particularly for the higher paid.

In a brief speech outside Downing Street, Ms Truss had said the Conservative Party had elected her on a mandate to cut taxes and boost economic growth.

But given the situation, Ms Truss said: “I recognise that I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

Mr Jayawardena rejected the idea of Ms Truss’s political career “being over”.

Former health secretary Matt Hancock who is currently in the Australian jungle on ITV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity… Ge Me Out of Here’ said that her political career is over.

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Mr Jayawardena explained: “I know that she wants to stand again for the great office of a member of parliament for South West Nortfolk so I certainly think it’s not over.

“She is continuing to fight the fight for the people of South West Nortfolk.

“I think that shows the character of the person that she has thrown herself back into the work.”

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