Lord Frost branded ‘Boris Johnson’s useful idiot’ in scathing attack by Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane: Lord Frost branded 'Boris Johnson's useful idiot'

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The former Labour MP launched an unprovoked attack on Lord Frost following his shock resignation from the Government last night over his anger at the direction the Conservative Government was heading in.

Despite expressing a liking for Lord Frost and his “mild manner” when the former-Brexit negotiator used to work for him as an official, Mr MacShane claimed Lord Frost was unfit in his role.

In an honest analysis on LBC, Mr MacShane claimed Lord Frost “never understood politics”.

He told host Matthew Wright: “In the end he never really understood that politics is a different game from diplomacy.

“He was Johnsons useful idiot in negotiating a very poor deal for Britain!”

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Mr MacShane went on to accuse Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Lord Frost of “running after” people when they complained about the Brexit deal brokered.

He added his dismay at the state of the Brexit deal and the damage it has caused the Good Friday Agreement through the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He also noted how the issues within the Northern Ireland Protocol have caused issues along Northern Irish sectarian lines.

Lord Frost is understood to have tendered his resignation earlier this month to Boris Johnson after failing to throw his support behind a raft of Conservative Party policies.

Lord Frost ‘at top of list’ of PM successors says commentator

The Mail on Sunday, who reported the groundbreaking resignation on Saturday evening, claimed Lord Frost was a critic of vaccine passports and the move to implement high taxation in Britain. 

The claimed newspaper also reported that Mr Johnson urged Lord Frost to stay in his role until January.

It is understood Mr Johnson told the former Chief Brexit negotiator that the Government would be unable to take another crisis of such magnitude and pleaded to extend his notice period.

In his resignation letter Lord Frost thanked Mr Johnson adding that “Brexit is now secure” but that “the challenge for the Government now is to deliver on the opportunities it gives us”.


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Lord Frost ‘right at the very top’ of potential Boris Johnson successors after quitting

One EU official told the Guardian following Lord Frost’s resgination: “Lord Frost never got Brexit done; he actually made sure it endured using the Northern Ireland protocol to get his way.

“But one year on from the deal he negotiated, what did it bring the UK? Apart from mistrust and deteriorated relationships with most member states?”

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan-Smith is being tipped to replace Lord Frost as Brexit negotiator.

While Political commentator Emma Webb told GB News on Sunday that she believes Lord Frost is “right at the very top” of potential candidates to takeover from Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

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