New Commons HR boss ‘vision’ is ‘shut the f*** up or get the f*** out’

The House of Commons’ new human resources and diversity boss revealed her “vision for HR” on Facebook– “shut the f*** up or get the f*** out”.

Mandy Eddolls shared the comment with friends in a public post.

Its discovery is likely to infuriate ­Westminster staff in the light of recent bullying and discrimination scandals.

Mrs Eddolls put the “My vision for HR” image online in a Facebook group called “I’m no pancake expert but I know a tosser when I see one”.

It features a drawing of a woman at a desk and the words “From where I see, you have two options. You can either – Shut the f**k up, or – Get the f**k out.”

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At the time of the 2012 post, she worked in HR for the Environment Agency.

After that job, she had HR roles at other institutions before becoming the Managing Director HR & Inclusion at the Commons in May.

The online remark has emerged after a probe found the staff of MPs faced an ­“unacceptable risk” of abuse.

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The independent investigation heard that some people who work for MPs have to cope with “very serious sexual assault”.

Others had heavy objects thrown at them in bouts of “uncontrollable rage”.

Many felt they had to put up with abuse to further their careers.

Mrs Eddolls said her post was “very obviously a joke, which I regret and doesn’t reflect my real views”, adding: “I remain deeply committed to helping the House become a great place to work where everyone has a voice and can flourish.”

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