Next prime minister odds: Tories to decide how much Truss to ‘win by’

Conservative voters would reinstate Boris Johnson shows poll

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The leadership competition has drastically shifted over the last two months, with Ms Truss able to usurp former favourite Mr Sunak in the top favourite spot. Pundits and pollsters believe she can pip the popular ex-Chancellor and become Prime Minister, making her the UK’s third female Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher. The latest odds show that the Boris Johnson continuity candidate commands more support than some polls suggest after the last Tory hustings on August 31.

Most betting firms are nearly certain that Ms Truss will enter Number 10 tomorrow.

Oddschecker has her chance of entering the UK’s highest office at 92 percent, while Mr Sunak receives a miserable eight percent.

Ladbrokes has the Foreign Secretary on her shortest odds since the competition began.

She is odds-on to win today on 1/33, meaning a £10 bet would return a 33p profit.

Mr Sunak is trailing far behind, having gone from likely winner to outside candidate on odds of 12/1.

According to Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Apati, betting attention has now turned to the margins of the Foreign Secretary’s victory.

He told “Liz Truss’ odds of replacing Boris Johnson are at record lows and are continuing to shorten seemingly by the day at this point.

“Attention, as far as the betting is concerned, is now on exactly how much she’ll win by.”

Ladbrokes gamblers believe Ms Truss will emerge with a convincing win, almost achieving the same margin as Mr Johnson.

Most believe she will receive between 65 and 70 percent of the vote, with odds of 15/8 for this eventuality.

The most distant outcome from today’s result is her receiving below half of the Tory vote total.

Ladbrokes odds suggest she cannot lose, as the chances of her attaining fewer than 40 percent are at 100/1, while a marginal victory of 50 to 55 percent comes with odds of 14/1.

The complete odds for Ms Truss’ vote share scenarios are as follows:

60 to 65 percent: 11/8

65 to 70 percent: 15/8

55 to 60 percent: 9/2

Over 70 percent: 8/1

50 to 55 percent: 14/1

45 to 50 percent: 20/1

40 to 45 percent: 50/1

Under 40 percent: 100/1

Recent polls agree with the UK’s bookmakers, as aggregated surveys show most of the Tory party’s paid-up members intend to vote for Ms Truss.

While they aren’t as dramatic as some of the odds on display today, the Foreign Secretary is on course for a comfortable victory with nearly double Mr Sunak’s vote share.

According to aggregated polling figures from Politico, she holds 59 percent of the party’s support.

And the ex-Chancellor is far behind her on 32 percent, while 10 percent remain undecided.

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