Nicola Sturgeon told to work with the UK to STOP coronavirus –’We’re a Union for a reason’

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During the pandemic, Scotland, like Wales and Northern Ireland have diverged from the UK Government. With the country facing one of the biggest health crises in history, Scottish Tory MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, John Lamont, insisted Ms Sturgeon should work with Westminster over the virus. Speaking to, he also claimed there had been “frustration” over the disjointed nature of the messaging between Westminster and Holyrood while urging Ms Sturgeon to cooperate with the rest of the country. 

He added: “I think people expect our governments to be working together.

“I think there’s been certainly in the past has been frustrations when information has been shared with the Scottish Government, the First Minister has rushed off and released it early, which obviously doesn’t help in terms of building trust.

“And the challenges of both sides of the border have been pretty similar in many ways and certainly for those constituents whom I represent.

“I think one of the takeaways moving forward after the pandemic is to have a consistent approach across the UK.

“That’ll be absolutely essential if heaven forbid, we have a crisis again.”

Although Scotland has taken a different approach to the pandemic, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, announced the furlough scheme will apply to businesses if Ms Sturgeon enforces a lockdown.

Amid that fund and the £1billion budget boost for Holyrood, Mr Lamont previously praised the impact it would have on businesses north of the border.

He added both initiatives showed the need for greater cooperation between Holyrood and Westminster.

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The move by Mr Sunak was also praised by Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross who stated it was only possible due to Scotland’s place within the UK.

Currently, Ms Sturgeon has pushed forward with a five-tier lockdown system in Scotland.

In an announcement this week, Ms Sturgeon revealed no area in the country would be moving down in the level system which ranges from 0-4 but instead Angus, Fife, and Perth and Kinross would all move to level three from November 16.

Under this, the public cannot meet anyone from outside their household indoors.

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Cafes and pubs can open to serve drinks and non-alcoholic drinks but must close at 6pm.

In the country as a whole, Ms Sturgeon confirmed there had been 1,261 cases in the last 24 hours today – the total is now 76,448.

Sixty-four deaths were registered overnight, taking the death toll to 3,143.

Ms Sturgeon has also been called to answer problems associated with the test and trace app.

According to the First Minister, the app did contain a “coding error” which overestimated the number of people contacted with 24 hours of testing positive.

Mr Ross said: “This risks harming our ability to fight the virus spread.

“We need answers and reassurance on this as a matter of urgency.”

Defending the app today, Ms Sturgeon said: “Test and Protect is working well.

“Like any system it is not going to be perfect – the coding error should not have happened, but it happened and these things do happen in computer systems sometimes.”

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