Peter Mandelson tears up as Blair admits to throwing him under bus to stay in Number 10

Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair reflect on their feud

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Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair reflected on their bitter clash during interviews with the BBC. Speaking as part of the BBC documentary Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution, the two architects of New Labour looked back at the moment Lord Mandelson was forced to resign from the Government. He was forced to quit Downing Street just months before Mr Blair’s re-election campaign, when Lord Mandelson faced accusations of using his position to influence a passport application in the 2001 Hinduja affair. 

As shown in the BBC documentary series, Lord Mandelson told reporters at the time: “I want to remove myself from the countless stories of feuds, of divisions, and all the stories that have surrounded me.

“I want to lead a more normal life. “

Alastair Campbell told the BBC: “I think Tony just reached a judgment that it was too messy. And he decided to bring it to an end.

“I think it is fair to say that had it been someone else, maybe it wouldn’t have happened, but Peter is Peter.”

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Lord Mandelson said: “You have to understand the context. This was in the immediate months leading up to his first re-election.

“He was desperate to win that second term. And nothing was going to stand in his way, not even the facts.”

Mr Blair told the BBC programme: “In the end, your job as the captain of the ship is to keep it steady.”

Lord Mandelson then teared up as he told the camera: “I certainly made more enemies than I needed to.

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“But I always felt I was doing it not for myself but for the Labour Party.

“But, all told, I did what I needed to do for my party and it was right.”

Lord Mandelson served as Labour’s election campaign director for the 1997 general election.


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Recently, Lord Mandelson said that he would be delighted to serve in a Keir Starmer government.

He also revealed that Mr Blair was offering advice to Sir Keir.

The Labour peer urged the Labour leader to be bolder about developing ideas on how to reshape the economy.

He said: “I’d love to go back to the government. There’s not a day that passes without my missing being in government.

“The likelihood of my going back to government, I think, is fairly small, but it doesn’t stop you dreaming.”

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