Price crisis LIVE: Kwarteng loses patience with Sunak as he issues ultimatum – row brews

Expert accuses Russia of blackmailing Europe over gas trade

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Furious Treasury sources denied this and publicly attacked Mr Kwarteng, accusing the Business Secretary of “making things up”. But a source told the BBC, Mr Kwarteng has kept asking the Treasury to support industries hit by soaring energy costs.

Mr Sunak is said to be opposed with a Treasury source arguing the business department, naturally, are siding with the industries while the Chancellor “has the interests of the taxpayer to look after”.

Downing Street has thrown weight behind Mr Kwarteng, confirming that work is ongoing to deliver industry support.

With gas prices spiralling and supply chain problems likely for Christmas, this spat won’t be the last between the two Cabinet members.


Chief executive of British Glass says cabinet tensions ‘alarming’

Dave Dalton, chief executive at British Glass, said a meeting on Friday had started the process of asking for support.

He said: “It seemed to prick the ears of the Secretary of State to asking a civil servant to work with us quickly and closely to build an ask to go to Treasury.

We didn’t get to specifics, the meeting was very much an introductory one, and we had rather hoped over the weekend and today that that dialogue would be extended.

It’s very alarming to hear the Treasury are making denials over the approach, let alone anything else. We need immediate action.”

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