‘Putin re-enforced failure with failure’ Russia humiliated – new war plan already in chaos

Russian state TV shares fake footage from war in Ukraine

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Forces are said to have abandoned tanks, vehicles, and artillery as they make a “hasty” withdrawal from northern Ukraine. Moscow is planning to focus its efforts on the east of the country in a desperate bid to claim a success from the invasion.

Many of the abandoned vehicles are thought to still be in a working condition, giving extra resources to those defending the country from the aggressors.

Russia’s series of embarrassing missteps now leaves Western officials to believe there is hope Putin will struggle to take control of the Donbass and other areas the Kremlin is planning to focus on in a desperate bid to salvage their failed mission.

They believe rather than reinforcements helping to bolster Russia’s efforts there is ever chance Putin’s new plan will also fall through.

Putin is focusing on regrouping his troops ahead of a fresh assault.

One Western official said: “What we’ve seen so far is Russia introduce its forces relatively piecemeal.

“That goes against the way in which doctrinally – and the way in which they train -that they would usually use their force.

“We’ve also seen them re-enforcing failure rather than re-enforcing success.

“If they don’t have sufficient force ready and they launch this operation early, I think they are going to get to a much more of a grinding operation that will take greater time.

“It will cause them more casualties, and that is going to have an even greater effect on the psychological effect of their armed forces.

“But if they wait, they’ve not only got the political imperative, they’ve also got the concern that other Ukrainian forces from wider across Ukraine would be able to be moved to then have an impact on the battle space.”

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In a scathing assessment of Russia’s attempts to take control of Ukraine, officials slammed the Kremlin “disastrous” operations.

There have been reports of mutiny among troops, internal blame games, and a number of top Russian military commanders have also been killed in battle.

Low morale among troops and a lack of clear strategy means Russia has made a number of errors in its withdrawal from the north.

An official said: “We can confirm that there are no longer units in northern Ukraine.

“It has been a pretty hasty withdrawal by Russian forces and there’s a lot of Russian equipment which has been abandoned in that hasty withdrawal.

“That’s only going to exacerbate the challenge they have in terms of the refurbishment and reconstitution of their forces.”

They added: “Some of it is kind of unclear as to why it’s been abandoned because you might have thought there is some of these vehicles are still usable and you think they would have been able to take.

“I think there’s something around the collapse of morale and the collapse of the will to fight.”

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