QT audience member urges Brits to get behind Truss after rocky month

Liz Truss discusses National Grid’s warning

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The Prime Minister found support in the London audience with one member who urged Brits to get behind the Prime Minister following her wobbly start in Downing Street. Thursday marked exactly one month since Ms Truss was appointed Prime Minister during which she made a U-turn on her mini-budget which sent the markets into a tailspin and caused the pound to plummet.

An audience member told the panel: “I just want to say she’s only been in the job three weeks before baying press descended upon her, she’s had criticism about whatever she does.

“The country is not in a recession. The pound has bounced back.

“She’s trying to open up our economy, give her a chance.”

She added: “I hate to see somebody denigrated like this.”

The lady’s comments were met by applause from many of her fellow audience members.

Ms Truss has faced much criticism over the last four weeks while trying to steady the ship following Boris Johnson’s turbulent departure in the summer.

The Prime Minister has had to take on the key role while Queen Elizabeth II passed away, the Ukraine war rages on in Europe, and as Brits face an energy and economic crisis as inflation skyrockets.

Though the pound plummeted to its lowest level against the dollar following the Chancellor’s mini-budget, sterling has since bounced back to hit $1.11.

The jump in the pound came after the Prime Minister did a U-turn on the most controversial aspect of the mini-budget, the removal of the 45p top rate of income tax.

The Government’s U-turn came after the Chancellor said: “We saw people’s reactions.”

Mr Kwarteng added that the divisive 45p tax cut “was drowning out a strong package of intervention”.

Despite the audience member’s fierce defence of the Prime Minister against the “baying press”, a YouGov poll tells a different side to the story.

It found just 14 percent of Brits said they had a favourable impression of the Prime Minister.

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This was compared to 26 percent from the previous poll conducted on September 21 and 22.

The poll demonstrated that 73 percent view Ms Truss in a negative light, with over half of them – 55 percent – viewing her unfavourably.

The Prime Minister’s net favourability score has fallen by 28 points to -59 in under two weeks, which is lower than Boris Johnson’s net favourability at its lowest level in July at -53.

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