‘Really?!’ GB News host savages Whitehall for adding Brexit to list of ‘offensive’ words

GB News: Nana Akua slams ‘language police’ over ‘offensive’ words

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GB News host Nana Akua questioned how Brexit is “offensive in any way” after both Whitehall civil servants and the Welsh Government banned the word in internal style guides for staff. Earlier this week, Whitehall followed the Welsh Government in asking civil servants to stop using the word ‘Brexit’. Instead, civil servants have been asked to refer to the UK’s departure from the European Union using the date of ’31 December 2020′.

GB News’ Nana Akua questioned whether British politicians were still “ashamed or embarrassed” by Britain’s democratic vote in 2016.

She said: “The language police are at it again. This time the Whitehall style guide decided they should avoid the word Brexit.

“You couldn’t make this up. Instead, it must be referred to as 31 December 2020.

“The Welsh Labour Government went a step further and put more words on the ban list like BAME, able-bodied, vulnerable, insane, mad, and dwarfism.” 

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She continued: “All banned by the Welsh Government. It’s pretty obvious that the words on that list are offensive.

“But Brexit? Really? How is Brexit offensive in any way?

“They have also decided they are not comfortable with the phrase ‘transition period’ – a term they made up themselves!

“They would like us to call that bit ‘the date when the UK negotiated its departure from the EU’.

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“It sounds so civil! We know it was anything but.”

The transition period refers to the period of time when the UK and Brussels were hammering out the terms of their future relationship, which featured a series of explosive rows.

Ms Akua continued: “Or, should we call it the period when politicians from all parties turned us into a laughing stock, and when they tried to try every tactic known to man to upturn a democratic vote? Ah yes, I remember that clearly.”


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She added: “I’ll continue to call Brexit Brexit, the transition period just that, and people who won’t accept the democratic vote and want us in the sinking ship that is the EU Remoaners.”

The Whitehall style guide advises staff to only use the phrase Brexit when necessary for “historical context”.

This comes as Liz Truss has been urged to make progress on a Brexit deal or risk seeing new issues arise in the New Year.

Ms Truss took over key responsibilities of the UK’s Brexit negotiations, including the Northern Ireland Protocol, earlier this month following the resignation of Lord Frost.

Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Foreign Minister, has insisted negotiations over the Protocol – a long-standing issue – “can’t drift on for months”.

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