Sammy Wilson fiercely lashes out at the EU for trying to undo Brexit Britain gains

EU trying to ‘undo’ gains made in Brexit says Sammy Wilson

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DUP Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson argued that the EU was trying to undo the benefits the UK has had from Brexit. While speaking on TalkRadio, he argued that the EU was being overzealous in its demands for the UK to align with the bloc on trade. He also claimed the EU was looking to punish the UK for cutting ties with the bloc.

He said: “I think that illustrates the point I have tried to make time and time again.

“This is not about the need to protect the EU single market, this is all about the EU finding ways to putting pressure on the UK to comply with EU rules.

“Every interview I have done with EU spokespeople and Irish Ministers, the answer always is: ‘If the UK would align fully with EU checks then all of this would disappear’.

“I believe that Northern Ireland is being used to try and undo some of the gains which there were with Brexit.

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“That is what this is all about, this is not about protecting the single market.”

Mr Wilson went on to argue that the EU was attempting to treat Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK different in its new trading relationship.

Mr Wilson said: “20 percent of all the checks of food imports coming into the EU are conducted between GB and Northern Ireland.

“This is even though we are only 0.4 percent of EU trade.

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“Secondly, 95 percent of those goods are going anywhere near the EU, they are being consumed in Northern Ireland.

“Yet, the EU insist that those checks and that level of checks have to be maintained.

“They allow things to come in through the eastern border on smuggling routes, some of them very dangerous goods, people smuggling etc.

“Yet they impose this vigorous check regime between Northern Ireland and GB.”

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UK Brexit negotiator David Frost has insisted there need s to be a “new balance” to ensure that trade can move swiftly between the UK and EU.

However, the EU has firmly stated it will not be renegotiating the Northern Ireland protocol.

The U.K. minister urged a return to a “normal treaty framework similar to all our other international agreements” but also said the U.K would recognize its “share of responsibility” in helping the EU to protect its single market.

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