‘Say something constructive’ – Labour MP slammed for using ‘gimmick’

Anneliese Dodds slammed as ‘gimmick’ in car crash interview

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The Labour MP clashed with Talk TV host Vanessa Feltz as she criticised the Conservative’s plan for economic growth. Ms Dodds used the phrase “kamikaze budget” to describe the broad range of economic measures introduced to combat the cost of living crisis in the Chancellor’s mini-budget. Seemingly frustrated by her guest’s repeated use of “gimmick”, Ms Feltz urged the Labour MP to “say something constructive” about UK fiscal policy.

Speaking on Talk TV, Ms Dodds said: “The Conservative’s kamikaze budget is taking us in the wrong direction, it’s actually pulling us away from the growth we need to see in the future.”

During the interview, viewers could audibly hear the radio host sigh shortly after the phrase “kamikaze budget” was used.

Ms Dodds continued: “That’s the big difference between Labour and the Conservatives.

“Labour is working in partnership with business, we want to create that fair, green, secure growth.

“Instead, we have the Conservatives right now pursuing an ideological agenda that is not based on evidence and is hitting people right in their pockets.”

Hitting back at the Labour MP, Ms Feltz declared: “You’re very fond of this phrase ‘kamikaze budget’.

“I don’t know if you got it  from a tabloid newspaper or if you dreamed it up yourself, but you have probably used it seven, eight, nine times in this very short conversation. 

“Do you think you do yourself a disservice when you go for a gimmick like that?

“When actually I’m giving you a chance to say something constructive and adult.”

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Ms Dodds appeared taken aback by the fierce suggestions of the host. She replied: “Actually, I’m driven by the nature of that budget.

“I wish that wasn’t the case, I wish we were talking about an evidence-based budget, one which actually included the kind of policies we need to see to get our economy growing to secure those jobs of the future.

“With respect, that is not what we have seen from the Conservatives.”

The news comes after Kwasi Kwarteng appeared in the House of Commons to defend his budget following a three week recess for party political conference season. 

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Speaking from the dispatch box on Tuesday afternoon, the Chancellor claimed the Government remained “relentlessly focused on growing the economy”.

He told his colleagues in the Commons: “Last month we set out the growth plan which will focus on breaking out of the high tax, low growth cycle that we were currently trapped in.”

The Chancellor declared a decision on whether the Government would uprate benefits payments in line with inflation would come on the 31st October.

The benefits policy has been the subject of much speculation as some Cabinet Ministers have already broken rank to declare their favour for an inflation-relative increase. 

The Halloween decision will be a decisive moment in the Prime Minister’s leadership as apparent divisions within the Conservative Party threaten to flare.

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