‘Shame on him!’ Angry voter lashes out at Boris Johnson ahead of vital by-election

Angry voter says 'shame on him' as she slams Boris for Partygate

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Tory support has dwindled significantly in Conservative stronghold constituencies as support for the Liberal Democrats is suggested to be on the rise. With by-elections steadily approaching, the Prime Minister is now facing a vote of no confidence triggered by letters of criticism from within his own party. Residents of Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton are expected to elect new MPs following the resignations of their Tory representatives, Imran Ahmad Khan and Neil Parish. Speaking to Sky News, one concerned Tiverton resident named Maureen said: “We’ve always voted Conservative, obviously I don’t think it’s going to go that way now, especially if Boris Johnson does stay in.”

She continued: “Labour, I wouldn’t give you a tuppence for, there’s not a decent one amongst them. 

“Where do we go from there? Very unsure at the moment on which way we’re going to go.”

Despite her rampant criticism of the Conservative party, Maureen also condemned the leadership of the Labour party as the pivotal elections draw closer.

The Sky News reporter suggested that support for the Liberal Democrats as an alternative to both leading parties in the area had been growing steadily over recent months.

The interviewer asked: “How damaging has it been? Obviously you’re very angry about the whole partygate saga, do you get a feeling that a lot of people here in Tiverton and elsewhere are just as angry?”

Maureen continued: “I think so, I think that most of the country is very angry about what he has done.

“He had one big jolly up at Number Ten Downing Street the eve of The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, while the Queen was sitting there alone. 

“Shame on the man, shame on him.”

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The night before the funeral service for the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, two separate gatherings were held in Number Ten on the 16th April 2021.

The Sue Gray report has noted that alcohol was present at both events, though, at the time, “The Prime Minister was not in residence.”

Attendees of the gatherings drank until “the early hours” of the next day and engaged in drunken behaviour which involved a child’s swing set in the garden being damaged by Downing Street staff “leaning on and playing with it.”

These particular events have become a focus of the criticism around partygate as, the day after the two gatherings, the Queen was forced to sit alone in St George’s Chapel while she mourned her late husband.

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Despite the partygate revelations, voters in the by-election constituencies notably remain critical of the Labour party, suggesting Labour candidates are unlikely to receive the lost Tory votes.

Prior to the by-elections, Boris Johnson will first have to face a vote of no confidence set to take place on Monday evening.

Sir Graham Brady confirmed at least 54 letters of no confidence had been received by the 1922 Committee, triggering the vote in question of the Prime Minister’s leadership. In order to survive the vote, Boris Johnson will need to secure over half of the Tory MPs votes in support of his leadership.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said: “The PM welcomes the opportunity to make his case to MPs and will remind them that when they’re united and focused on the issues that matter to voters there is no more formidable political force.”

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