‘She was too long!’ Carole Malone slams Liz Truss over McCann collapse reaction time

Liz Truss was too slow to react to presenter's fall says Malone

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Carole Malone claimed that Liz Truss’ response during the latest leadership debate was inadequate as the foreign secretary looked “terrified”. Ms Malone said when you are looking for someone to be able “to make a snap quick decision” and “react in a crisis”, the taken aback look of Ms Truss did not fill her with confidence. She later added that anyone “would be the first over there” to the incident if they saw it, questioning why Ms Truss had not done the same.

Jeremy Vine on 5 host Jeremy Vine said: “I don’t know to what extent she fell and hurt herself but obviously the crashing sound was a shock for the viewer. 

“But by that same token, Carole, Liz Truss will have seen that it was the lectern doing that. You think she was too long? 

Ms Malone said: “Well, yes, I think she was too long to go. If people are looking for a leader to make a snap quick decision on something and to react in a crisis, she did not react very well there. She looked terrified! 

“I would expect you on this show if one of the cameramen keeled over, you would be the first over there, you would.” 

The second head-to-head debate between Tory leadership candidates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak was taken off air halfway through the scheduled hour last night after presenter Kate McCann fainted. 

Viewers heard a loud crash as it is believed the lectern hit the ground as Ms McCann became overwhelmed. 

It was later reported that Ms McCann was “fine” but the show was not resumed because, TalkTV said, “the medical advice was that we shouldn’t continue with the debate”. 

Ms McCann, TalkTV’s political editor, was meant to co-host The Sun’s Showdown: The Fight for No.10 alongside The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole, but he tested positive for Covid-19 hours before the programme was due to air.

Ms Truss was in the middle of speaking about how best to deal with Vladimir Putin and Russia when the incident occurred. 

The foreign secretary was stunned by what happened, holding her hands to her face and proclaiming “Oh my god!” as the situation unfolded. 

She looked towards her Tory rival Rishi Sunak for a moment before considering what to do next while the camera followed her. 

She then stood up straight, stunned and silent, and appeared to be unmoving for several seconds, before eventually heading towards Ms McCann to check if she was okay. 


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Despite the drama, Ms Truss’ campaign team were back to criticising Rishi Sunak on Wednesday morning, with Tuesday night’s incident forgotten. 

The former chancellor came under fire for “flip-flopping” on tax after pledging to cut VAT on energy bills and for interrupting Ms Truss during the debates.

It came after the former chancellor unveiled plans to remove VAT from domestic energy bills for a year if the price cap – currently just under £2,000 a year for the average home – exceeds £3,000 as is forecast by experts.

Ms Truss’s campaign declared it a “screeching U-turn” after Mr Sunak has repeatedly branded her tax-cutting plans as “comforting fairytales” throughout the contest, which has been dominated by bitter clashes over taxation.


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