‘Shouldn’t you want to do better?!’ Ridge baffled as Thornberry praises Corbyn 2018 vote

Local elections: Thornberry grilled on 'wanting better' for Labour

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Ms Thornberry sat down with journalist Sophy Ridge to discuss the local election results. The Labour MP claimed that they had received the best results in London in the recent elections than they had done in the past 50-year. Ms Thornberry defended the Labour Party when questioned by Ms Ridge about the 2018 election results when she attempted to defend the party’s performance under Jeremy Corbyn. 

The Labour Party MP then went on to slam the Conservatives by claiming this was their worst voting result.

Ms Ridge said: “On the path, but you’re not there yet are you…”

Ms Thornberry told the Sky News presenter: “No of course not, but I mean look how far we’ve come for heaven’s sake!

“I mean look how far we’ve come.”

Ms Ridge said: “If you listen to Parliament people on the Labour Party, they have been saying that Jeremy Corbyn was a complete low point.

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“Which you know, these are the worst election results since 1935, you can see why.

“And yet you’re now saying ‘oh look the 2018 local elections which he fort was actually a high watermark, I mean shouldn’t you be trying to do a bit better than him?”

Ms Thorberry said: “No no, listen the results for example in London were the worst for the Conservatives ever.

“Right in 2018, it was a terrible result for them and we had done well, wait a minute.

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Ms Thornberry added: “No no no you’ve asked me about this so I’m about to acknowledge, right worst results for the Conservatives ever.

“Best results for Labour, for 50-years in London, and we’ve done even better.

“You know so, I mean it’s a patchy result but you know, that’s kind of one thing to acknowledge.

“But what we need to be doing is we need to be making sure that we get more seats than the disaster of 2019.”

Results are flying in and show that more than half of the 146 councils in England have announced their final results.


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The elections are showing that Keir Starmer’s Labour Party are having a strong performance so far, winning 42 (+4) councils and 1,308 (+40) councillors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have managed to secure 24 (-8) councils and 612 (-151) councillors.

Northern Ireland and Scotland only started counting results this morning, so they have yet to be announced.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented on the election and said it was a “mixed set of results” and they were “making quite remarkable gains” in some areas. 

Mr Johnson added: “The big lesson from this is that this is a message from voters that what they want us to do above all – one, two, and three – is focus on the big issues.

“That matter to them, taking the country forward, making sure we fix the post-COVID aftershock, get us all through the economic aftershocks in the way we got through COVID.

“Fix the energy supply issues, that’s where the inflationary spike is coming, and keep going with our agenda of high wage, high skill jobs.”

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