Sky host has Cleverly fumbling as quarantine delay ridiculed ‘doesn’t take that long!’

James Cleverly grilled by host on delay of hotel quarantine

James Cleverly had to explain the reasoning behind the Government’s decision to delay introducing the new travel measures for a month amid fears of new coronavirus strains entering the UK. Hotel quarantine is expected to be coming into force as of February 15 but furious commenters have slammed the decision as “too late”. Sky News host Jayne Secker asked the Conservative MP: “Why on earth is this taking soo long?”

“It was one week the Government announced they are going to do this,

“The next week, this week, we found out they are only just talking to hotels.

“They are going to set out the plans next week.

“Then it is going to be the following week until passengers can actually get into these hotels.”

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Mr Cleverly insisted the set of new travel restrictions would complement those already in place while reminding viewers that international travel was not advised for all but the most essential journeys. 

He said: “Well, we should remember that the package we have announced will come into force on February 15.

“Adds to our existing package on measures to protect ourselves out the borders.

“People should, for the most part, remember that people shouldn’t be travelling anyway.” 

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Ms Secker interjected to ask the Foreign Office Minister about the numbers of people arriving into the country from the Government “Red List” of quarantine destinations.

She said: “Sorry but there are one and half thousand people, it is estimated, coming in from these Red List countries.

“That’s what the hotels have been asked to plan for so clearly a huge number of people are still coming into the UK from all these countries we said we didn’t want people to come to the UK from at the moment. 

“If that is happening on a daily basis, why take a month to implement something?”


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“Well as Matt Hancock said in your clip, we need time to prepare,” replied Mr Cleverly.

“We need time to make sure this works that is why we have given the hotel industry notice to give them time to prepare.

“To train staff and to get their rooms ready.”

Ms Secker exclaimed: “But surely this doesn’t take a month, I mean come on.”

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