‘Smashed it babe!’ Leftie comedian weighs in after Liz Truss landslide

Joe Lycett says he doesn't need to apologise to Laura Kuenssberg

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Ms Truss beat Rishi Sunak to No10 today with a 20,000 strong vote lead in the final round of the Conservative leadership contest. Mr Lycett, who had previously turned heads after his much-debated appearance on Laura Kuenssberg’s flagship BBC show, took to Twitter to once again comment on the new Prime Minister.

He tweeted: “Yes Liz Truss absolutely smashed it, babe!!!”

During his appearance on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme, Mr Lycett mocked Ms Truss after she repeatedly declined on Sunday to spell out her plans to tackle soaring energy bills. Ms Kuenssberg appeared visibly frustrated with his antics, which many have praised for deconstructing the facade of political talk shows.

Others have claimed he served only to distract from a serious economic issue.

Appearing to derail the show with his sarcastic remarks, Mr Lycett said: “You said earlier that I’m not left or right. I know there’s been criticism in the Mail on Sunday about lefty, liberal comedians on the BBC. I’m actually very right wing and I loved it. I thought [Liz Truss] was very clear.

“She gave great clear answers. I know exactly what she’s up to.”

Ms Kuenssberg interjected: “There is a serious point, Joe. She said there was a big package of help coming this week.”

Mr Lycett continued: “Yeah. She was very clear what she said and I think you know exactly what’s going to happen. You’re reassured, I’m reassured.”

Twitter commenters expressed a variety of responses to the show.

Brenda wrote: “This is spectacular, and if you look closely, you can see the instant in which Kuenssberg resolves to bury whoever booked Joe Lycett.”

While Matt Thomas noted: “Joe Lycett was clearly being massively sarcastic, made Truss and Kuenssberg look ludicrous, not sure how he got on but won’t be invited back.”

However, the former head of the BBC’s political programming Rob Burley said: “It’s not the time for that nonsense.”

1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady announced Ms Truss’ victory at 12:30pm following a bitter contest with Mr Sunak getting 60,399 votes well short of Ms Truss’ 81,326.

In her speech to Tories the new PM said: “I will deliver on the energy crisis, dealing with people’s energy bills but also dealing with the long-term issues we have on energy supply.”

She will be faced with a towering to-do list as she takes the keys to No10.

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