SNP swipes over NHS Scotland funding dismantled by Tory MSP – WATCH

Finlay Carson says 'policies' to blame for Scotland's NHS crisis

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Finlay Carson laid the blame for Scotland’s NHS crisis squarely at the feet of the SNP-led Scottish Government as the Conservative MSP looked to tear about the Scottish nationalists’ attempts to blame Westminister on the issue. Speaking to a BBC Debate Night audience in his constituency of Dumfries and Galloway, Mr Carson argued that SNP health policies not a lack of funding was fuelling the problems in Scotland’s health service. 

Mr Carson told the live BBC studio audience: “Scotland received a record high level of block grant and it is up to the Scottish Government to prioritise how that is spent.

“On one hand they say the NHS is in such a mess and it is the worst situation with waiting times we have ever seen and they put it down to funding.

“Yet the next second we hear the health minister suggest there is a record amount of funding going into the house service in Scotland.

“So something doesn’t add up.”

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He added: “It is not just about the money that is going into the health service because it is at record levels right now.

“It is the policies, the health policies that are the problems.”

The row comes after the SNP’s Humza Yousaf was branded Scotland’s worst health secretary since devolution by Scottish Labour for failing to cut record-high A&E waiting times

Scottish Labour led a debate in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday to express concern for the health service ahead of a “challenging” winter.

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Public Health Scotland data revealed 65.3 percent of emergency department attendees were seen and subsequently admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours in the week up to October 16.

While it is a slight increase on the 64.2 percent recorded in the previous week, it is far from the 95 percent target from the Scottish Government.

Leading the debate, Labour’s health spokesperson Jackie Baillie said urged the Health Secretary to take urgent action.

She said: “I have been in Parliament for 23 years and I can say without fear of contradiction that Humza Yousaf is absolutely the worst health secretary since devolution.”

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His four predecessors – Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Neil, Shona Robison and Jeane Freeman – all recorded significantly higher statistics in the four-hour A&E waits.

Ms Baillie told the Scottish Parliament that the now First Minister’s record in October 2011 was 95.9 percent, followed by 93.9 percent from Mr Neil in 2013, 91 percent under Shona Robison and 89.6 percent under Jeane Freeman in October 2020.

She said: “Let me remind you, that’s eight months into the same pandemic this Health Secretary blames all of his failings on.”

The record low figures mean around 37 people could have lost their lives because of A&E delays in just a week, according to Ms Baillie.

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